How to start a bullet journal.

Every year, I say: the year who is about to come is going to be the best! I’m going to have a healthy lifestyle, I’m going to be organized and be more productive!

2 weeks later : *eating chips on the couch watching Netflix all day long*

So, if you have a hard time being organized I present you * drum roll* : The new and advanced Bullet journal! This is a very simple way to keep you things in place and to be organized.

First things first , you need an index. The Index is the place where you’re going to put all of your categories like: stuff I need to do, or goals for 2018. You can write whatever you want. Here’s and example:


Then, you can also color-code your things, just like I did here. You can have the important dates colored in purple, you exams  in red  and so on.

I’ve also done some categories in the index, just to give you some ideas of how you can decorate your own bullet journal:


Get creative! You can decorate your journal with stickers, colored tape, and glitter.

Hope you liked it , make sure to comment your resolutions and I’ll be following and liking some of the most creative ones!